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I ordered a medicine cabinet on 24 JAN 2013 and I still have not received it.It is the 1st of March.

It was supposed to arrive within two weeks. Beware that the manager, Alex Abraca, will tell you that special order products cannot be returned, even if you haven't received them yet! If they have been shipped, you can't return it. Problem is that Union Hardware will lie about when it has been shipped/when it is going to ship.

We ordered a cabinet on 24 JAN through Union Hardware from Robern. Union Hardware is their authorized dealer. We called to find out where it was after about three weeks, and they said that they would call the manufacturer. The first time around they said we would receive it the week of the 22nd of FEB.

Then we called again when nobody called us to tell us it was in. They called the manufacturer and they told us that the manufacturer said they hadn't sent it yet because they needed "parts" but that it would ship on FEB 21 or FEB 22 and that we would receive it on Monday or Tuesday, the 25 or 26 of FEB. It is now the 2nd of MAR. I just called and was transferred to Alex.

He tells me that Robern is closed today and unfortunately if it has already shipped that they can't cancel the order, so unfortunately I cant just go to home depot and get a cabinet and finish my bathroom today because I might be stuck with this other cabinet if by some miracle it really has already shipped. I said when it didn't arrive in your shop on 25 or 26 FEB why didn't someone from your company follow up with Robern, you know we have been waiting, you'd think there would be a sticky note on our file or something. He says he can't follow up on that if I didn't get a name and again he says he will call them on Monday morning and cancel it, if it hasn't shipped. Unfortunately I have no faith that he will tell me the truth.

As he said "all we are responsible for is the sale", I highly suspect he will tell me it has shipped when it hasn't just to keep from having to cancel it and losing his profit (which is huge I have no doubt). He also told me that he didn't know why I hadn't called and spoken to him before, like this whole thing is MY fault as I could have somehow avoided this if i had just talked to him!! At that point in the conversation I didn't even know who he was!!!Asking me what was the name of the person I spoke to who promised it would be there last week and saying if i didn't know a name not much he could do. I'm like - your store, seriously, isn't that big - if you can't figure out who I talked to than you really don't know what is going on in your store.

The people I spoke to represented themselves as the right person to be talking to. That's when he tells me they are only responsible for making the sale, that's it. SO the fact that I have been waiting since 24 JAN for something that should have arrive in two weeks is really not his problem. But he of course, is sorry for the inconvenience.

I said so even if by some miracle it has shipped, you can't cancel the order, even if I don't want it anymore. You can't refund me for something I have not even received yet. I said you have a relationship with Robern you are their authorized dealer, and you are telling me you have no clout with them. Unbelievable.

I will never, ever go to Union Hardware again and I recommend you avoid them at all costs. Do not special order anything through them.

And all their stuff that you can actually put in your car and take home is overpriced - I already knew this from other people warning me, but the problem was that I wanted a Robern cabinet and my hands were tied, I had to go to an authorized dealer.Robern by the way, they can't produce in a timely manner either.

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